REIS is a company which specializes in making your life easier when doing business in Mexico and/or the entire NAFTA region. We bring products from Asia, Europe, South and North America with our special import license for tax concessions. We provide a wide range of services like third party logistics, consolidation, sales, distribution, assembly, quality control, and technical support for such goods. We’re an ISO compliant and provide services to companies in the automotive, appliance, food, and construction industry.

Sorting, Re-Work, Packaging.
Outsourcing, Assembly, Repacking.
Warehousing: IMMEX Listed.
Logistics, Importation, and Consolidation for companies such as:

Valeo, Remy, Pepsi, Electrolux, Black & Decker.

To provide our principals with the best representation on technical, logistics, and commercial options available for them within Mexico. Being the best option also for value added operations for our principals’ products and our own. Being a viable operation to build long term business relationships with our principals and our own customer base, our partners, our workers, and our community.

Great infrastructure in the middle of SLP's busiest Industrial Area.
2013 will be our 10th  year in business providing excellent services to big name companies.
Great Competitive Prices!!!
Six-Sigma and QRQC trained personnal.
ISO Compliant.

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